We provide both short-term and long-term training. Our short-term training courses are presented in two major categories which are Information Security and Networking. These courses can be presented in the Classroom and Virtual formats. Virtual courses are available online and off-line. All classroom courses are available in In-house and public and all virtual online courses are available in private and group. Offline courses are always available. We also provide long-term training that attendants can achieve different degrees by passing their related courses.

Information Security Courses

Cyber-criminals and hackers are in the headlines almost every week. They can ruin a company’s reputation and destroy the business. And the threat is increasing rapidly. This is why cybersecurity is becoming one of the world’s fastest growing business components. But to be truly effective, cybersecurity shouldn’t be just an application that comes in a box. It also must include expert teams of highly trained and qualified professionals who know how to secure every facet of the organization. Unfortunately, these same organizations are struggling to fill the 1-2 million cybersecurity jobs they’ll need around the world by 2019. This means that you could have one of those in-demand positions. With our Security Training and Certifications, you can acquire the hands-on, real-life skills and knowledge to become a critical resource for these organizations. Who knows where you could go from there? Cybersecurity covers a broad range of roles and skills. That means there’s something for almost anyone. Terminus can help you learn about the cybersecurity landscape and what skills, knowledge, and experience are required for each role. Learn how these roles differ and which one would be best for you. Learn about the job characteristics, too. What’s it like to be working in these positions? This information is helpful whether you’re just beginning your career or planning to refine your skills and move up in the organization. Our courses are classified into 10 different categories which are:
Information Security Concepts
Information Security Management
Industrial Systems Security
  • Industrial Systems Security Principles
  • Industrial Control Systems Protection
  • Industrial Systems Security Assessment
Network Security
  • Network Security
  • Virtualization & Cloud Security
  • Windows Hardening
  • Linux/Unix Hardening
  • Critical Security Controls
  • UTM Systems in-Depth
Application Security
  • Secure Programming Principles Based on ISO/IEC 27034
  • Web Applications Security
  • Secure Coding in .NET
  • Secure Coding in C & C++
  • Secure Coding in Java/JEE
Physical & Environmental Security
  • Physical & Environmental Security
  • Awareness & Human Resource Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
Penetration Testing & Security Assessment
Information Security Audit
Information Security Monitoring
Information Security Incident Management
Also for each role, we propose different courses which are:
Information Security Steering Committee
Industrial Systems’ Security Expert
Network Penetration Testing Expert
Network Infrastructures’ Security Expert
Information Security Auditing Expert
Information Security Monitoring Expert
Information Security Incident Management Expert
Application Penetration Testing Expert
Secure Application Development Expert
Information Security System Expert
Human Resource & Physical & Environmental Security Expert

Networking Courses

Enterprise networks comprise a corporation’s communications backbone, connecting computers and related devices across complex workgroup networks. Terminus System networking courses will cover operation, configuration and verification of your network technologies. These courses will combine interactive instructor lectures with hands-on real lab scenarios. We have the hands-on networking and wireless training you need to master the skills required to understand, build and maintain your networks. Build your foundation of networking knowledge in a real-world, multivendor environment, and then focus on specialized disciplines with TCP/IP training, IPv6 training and more. Our networking courses help you gain the skills to implement, support, optimize and defend networks. Our subject matter experts deliver authorized and industry-leading content. Our experience and expertise enables us to develop truly effective learning paths that boost skill profiles while improving performance. With a vast range of IT courses available, Terminus-System helps put employees on the path to proper certifications. To fill skill gaps, you need scalable resources and tools. That’s what we provide.
  • Networking Essentials – Primary
  • Networking Essentials – Advanced
  • Introduction to fiber Optic Networks
  • Introduction to Workgroup Network Management
  • Introduction to Windows-Active Directory Network Management
  • Introduction to Network Equipment
  • Introduction to Windows-Server Network Management
  • Introduction to Wireless Networks
  • TCP/IP Networking