Data Network terminus System

Computer networks play a major role in the implementation of ICT technology as the main infrastructure of communication in each organization. Network fit with the needs of the organization is very important in this regard. Most of the problems that existing networks suffer from are their design factors. Design is the most important part of creating a network, and in order for the network to be able to meet the desired goals of its creation, it must be designed with great care. Many of the networks in different companies are not tailored to the needs growth and the volume of their exchange data and need to be reviewed and optimized.
A robust methodology is required to design a new network and to develop and improve existing networks. Finally, for the implemented network to meet the needs of the organization, the methodology should has the following steps:

  • Analysis of needs and objectives including:
  • Objectives to be considered in technical and managerial terms
  • Understanding Organizational Structure
  • Review of economic and executive viewpoints including budget, human resources and resources
  • Familiarity with policies and investments undertaken
  • Determine the various constraints existing in the organization
  • Determine the technical characteristics of the network required
  • Determine the extent of physical network expansion, number of users and applications
  • Determine the damage caused by interrupting the network
  • Determine MTBF and MTTR required for equipment and communication lines
  • Documenting and determining the status quo
  • Documentation of topology, communication and equipment and geographic distribution of nodes
  • Examining and documenting existing applications
  • Examining and documenting existing protocols
  • Determine the status of the network in terms of addressing and naming status
  • An examination of the flow of information
  • Survey of the technical staff of the network in terms of knowledge and number
  • Logical design of the network
  • Determining the topology of the network
  • Designing addressing and naming model
  • Selecting communication protocols
  • Determine reliability
  • Choosing a management strategy and network security
  • Physical design of the network
  • Backbone design by identifying equipment and communication environment
  • Designing access and distribution levels by identifying equipment and communication environment

Study of the network traffic situation, assessing its health and the determination of users’ needs and the repair of the network structure is one of the specialties of the Terminus System.

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