Forensics Science is a scientific method for collecting and testing information about something that has happened in the past and is being presented to criminal courts. Usually, the plaintiff and the accused, narrate two different stories of an event, and the discovery of the truth from these contradictory narratives is the duty of the inspector. Computer system inspections or security intelligence inspection are a branch of digital inspection science based on the discovery of evidence from the scene of computer crime.

With the increase in the use of computer systems in commercial and financial transactions, the amount of crime and computer fraud has also increased significantly. It is imperative to use security solutions to reduce the incidence of these incidents, but what should be done if such events occur? How can a person or perpetrators be found guilty? How can you identify how this person or people succeeded in doing their work? How can you prove your claim to the judiciary?

Preparing for security inspections will provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • The possibility of collecting documents available to the judiciary
  • In the event of major accidents, the inspection process will be implemented promptly and effectively, with minimal delay in the operation of the organization.
  • Developing the organization’s readiness to carry out security audits can develop information security goals and deal with such crimes as the theft of intellectual property, fraud, and extortion.
  • A static and structured approach to document storage significantly reduces the cost and time of internal research.

Terminus-System will be your assistant with enough expertise and the use of specialist tools such as FTK, Encase.

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