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Why should you be prepared for GDPR for audit?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come in to force at the end of May 2018. The new regulation requires providers to make significant changes to the ways in which they gather, manage and use personal data with considerable fines for the most serious non-compliance (up to €20 million or 4% of turnover, whichever is greater).
It’s not just the fines, but also the other reputational consequences of associated with breach. However, the new laws provide a fantastic opportunity to develop a clear data strategy.

It is urgent to understand how to apply this new regulation in you organization and it is important to note that all organizations will have to prepare for GDPR differently.
For this reason, we have designed this workshop for you. The workshop will provide delegates with an opportunity to gain specific and developed solutions to their compliance challenges, exploring the challenges associated with learner data and ESFA data agreements. Practical examples will also give delegates experience approaching some of the most immediate challenges GDPR raises and will provide energy and clarity to the topic in hand.

Is this Workshop for you?
We recommend that anyone who is or will be a member of the GDPR preparation team; stakeholders from key data processing areas (Data Manager, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Clinical Operation managers, statisticians etc.) and the supervisors from appropriate user teams, Legal, Compliance and back office teams responsible for operational processes, team Leaders/Managers of the above in order to maximize the impact of their learning in the workplace and/or to disseminate the course through in-house training, to participate in this workshop.

The workshop is a two-day training course that prepares participants for GDPR implementation and audit.

This workshop is an instructor-led, group-live instruction that includes relevant topics and hands-on practical exercises. Scenario-based practical exercises will be performed. Students will be shown how to use a special security tool and employ techniques to successfully secure their information.

This workshop can accommodate up to 15 students

Key objectives

This workshop is designed to introduce how to prepare your organization for GDPR implementation and audit. It covers:

  • Introduction to GDPR
  • The new GDPR requirements and the key differences with current data protection
  • Key data processing principles
  • Fundamental subject rights
  • Privacy by Design and by Default
  • New Data Protection Officer obligations
  • New Breach Notification obligations
  • Rights for individuals
  • Dataflow  management
  • How to demonstrate compliance
  • Impact Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Facilitate an internal kick-off and begin to launch an effective response program to the EU GDPR across YOUR organization
  • Examine the challenges posed by the GDPR and the benefits of proactively demonstrating that the organization is compliant with the new requirements.
  • The Key GDPR principles and their practical impact on your business
  • Changes to the law regarding consent for lawful processing of personal data
  • Data subject rights  and how  to manage data portability requests
  • How  to manage your contractual relationships to ensure GDPR compliance in your supply chains
  • Developing a Compliance Action Plan


  • Readiness level assessment
  • Organization definition
  • Asset management
  • Process definition
  • Network architecture
  • Risk assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Risk management
  • Executive policy development
  • Procedure development
  • Training and awareness
  • GDPR implementation
  • Effectiveness assessment


  • Dr. Nader Iranpour

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