Security Monitoring

Have you ever got a report that your customers’ information is stolen? Are you able to identify who and how has attacked your organization? Did you notice any unauthorized changes in your IT environment? Do you know what type of malware has been infiltrated in your network and how it was disseminated? Can you control and monitor user connections to organization’s systems? Do you know who is leaking outside your information? Are you concerned about cyber threats against your network and systems? Are you worried about your IT assets against cyber threats? Do you want to know about the changes that happen in your system right away? Are you looking for a way to identify security breaches and protect your organization against security attacks?
We help you to implement you Security Operation Center. By using SOC you can receive and manage the information of all the resources and devices in the IT organization’s context, and also it can easily be a base for all security analysis. Our solution is the leading advancement in the SIEM industry, which is able to collect, integrate, and correlate events throughout the organization. This solution is used to identify, prioritize and respond to cyber security attacks, internal threats, and compliance with the standard security rules. This solution will be able to detect and prevent external security problems (hackers and malware) and internal (data leakage and fraud) by providing a complete visibility of all activities undertaken in the IT infrastructure of the organization.
Other features of this solution are:

  • Collecting and aggregating logs from all IT resources (network, security devices, and servers)
  • Managing millions of events and security information to gain a comprehensive and profound understanding of threatening ctivities.
  • Monitoring users to detect and prevent unusual and threatening activities.
  • Managing network configuration and fixing its problems.
  • Detecting and fixing instant critical security vulnerabilities in Web Services and Web applications.
  • Creating accurate, flexible and in-depth reports in various formats.
  • Applying IT policies to allocate network resources and bandwidth.
  • Available in Logger, Express and ESM models.

But the basic requirement of SOC is access to logs. Event analysis is a key weapon in the fight against any cyber-attacks. Identifying the method and source of any attack allows continuous preventive measures to be improved. This solution is a powerful security tool for identifying the method and source of the threat to the system and collects events from network devices, Linux and UNIX servers and Windows, software servers and databases, and even IBM’s main frames. This solution is a complete solution that analyses processes, utilizes complex networks and neural networks, with automatic learning algorithms, semantic sensors and other components from raw file history log files.
Some other features of this solution are:

  • Events collected directly from all servers and network devices.
  • Identify the source of cyber-attacks.
  • Easy to implement and easy to use.
  • Provides 100% software-based solution.
  • No hidden or additional fees for different types of devices, manufacturers or databases covered.

Our proposed solution helps you to prevent security breaches in your systems, and if a change occurs on your system, it will instantly report you. This solution provides a complete set of change management, file-based, monitoring, and policy management tools for network systems, including systems and firewalls across the network environment. If the system changes, it will instantly report that change and determine how that change will affect your security profile. It enables you to inspect your IT systems for vulnerability and intelligently evaluate all changes and events in IT assets.

Other features of this solution are:

  • Detecting any suspicious activity.
  • Provides real-time monitoring of all files.
  • Complete system management and protection.
  • Supports all peripheral operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux and all devices and network devices)
  • Controls unauthorized registered changes.
  • Controls the security of key audited devices.
  • Shows who made the change and whether security has been affected.