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Information is a key resource for any enterprise, and today it is more valuable than any other commercial asset and maintaining its security at a desirable and measurable level is of crucial importance for most organizations. With the rapid growth of the use of communication networks and the Internet, Information Security has turned into a major concern for everyone around the world. The use of computer networks, especially the Internet, has revolutionized the development of business interactions. Even though it offers many benefits and makes information available in a few clicks, it brings with it the risk of data disclosure. In fact, what is construed as organization’s superiority in providing services, has become their vulnerable points for opulent and opportunistic invasions. In such a situation, the availability of information security at an acceptable level for each organization is a necessity and not a choice.
For the aforementioned reasons, organizations across the globe spend more than $ 50 billion a year to maintain their own data, but despite this huge investment, many organizations especially those in Germany, suffer from information security incidents.
“BERLIN, Two thirds of Germany’s manufacturers have been hit by cyber-crime attacks, costing industry in Europe’s largest economy some 43 billion euros ($50 billion), according to a survey published by Germany’s IT sector association.
Industry association Bitkom surveyed 503 top managers and security chiefs from across Germany’s manufacturing sector, and found the small and medium-sized companies that are the economy’s backbone were particularly vulnerable to attacks.
BONN, Germany—It was a cyberattack that showed just how vulnerable Germany’s digital infrastructure truly is. In the summer of 2017, a group of hackers infiltrated NetCom BW, a regional telecommunications provider with about 43,000 subscribers in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany’s southwest. Given the company’s modest size, it may not seem like a prime target. But NetCom BW is a subsidiary of EnBW, one of Germany’s biggest power utilities. EnBW is part of what the government regards as its critical infrastructure: companies that operate crucial public services, from electricity to telecommunications to health care” (Reuters).
One of the major reasons why organizations have not been able to protect their information is lack of an optimal approach to setting security objectives or the very fact that security objectives are most of the time not in line with their business objectives. The other reason is that even if proper security objectives have been developed, there is no apt treatment plan to achieve those objectives or there is no sensible correlation between the treatment plan and the security objectives. In other words, they are spending a lot of money for something which is not their first priority. Lastly, if they have proper security objectives along with an appropriate risk treatment plan, they might not be ready to implement the plan to begin with.
We have addressed all of these problems and have provided solutions which are suitable for any organization, of any size and with any culture in any industry. In our solutions:

  • We assess the readiness of the organization to implement security solutions
  • We provide SMART security objectives according to business objectives of the organization.
  • We provide treatment plan according to security objectives and calculate ROSI.
  • We monitor the implementation of the RTP.
  • We measure the effectiveness of the RTP implementation.

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